Help Us Provide Clean, Safe Water to Those in Need.

About Us

Water Rescue

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Foundation™ at a Glance


Water Rescue Foundation™, is driven by a single goal; to provide drinking water to people in need. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with the help of donors. The Water Rescue Foundation™ (WRF) is funded by donations.


The mission of The Water Rescue Foundation™ is to help those less fortunate in their time of need

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by providing clean and safe drinking water using advanced atmospheric water generation technology. The technology extracts moisture from the atmosphere, the same air we breathe every day, producing thousands of gallons of water a day with only one atmospheric water generator to those in need.


The foundation allows for your donations to be a part of advancing atmospheric water generation technology that will make a difference in the lives of the people who need more than a single donation for a few bottles of water and a one day supply of food. This technology allows us to provides water continuously.

This technology ensures that the recipients will continue to have the ability to produce safe and clean drinking water at the point where it is needed long after the emergency is over and to be prepared if they are faced with another crisis. This is a lasting gift to the people who need clean drinking water the most.

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Working Together To Provide A Human Need!

The Water Rescue Foundation™ was formed to ensure that the groundbreaking work that has been completed to bring the advanced technology of Atmospheric Water Generation to the people that need it the most.

Moses A. West, Captain United States Army Retired, founded The Water Resource Foundation. Mr. West has dedicated his life to the United States and the people around the world. Retired from his Military career, Mr. West has embarked on the mission to provide people the means and capability You can be certain you remain 100% confidential and receive the maximum protection of your data. Our academic writing service will allow you to fix. You’re able to receive an expert assistance with our company! This number offers you an access to your personal page. If you wish to reliable research paper writing service cheap cutomized nursing paper, version, do not be afraid to get in contact with our customer services agents via Live Chat or call call and we’re going to do our very best to answer any questions that you may have! Ultius’ mobile site was created particularly to be sure you’re able to access the complete functionality and features of steps to writing an essay the desktop site from your cell to produce clean water through the advanced technology of Atmospheric Water Generation. Mr. West’s determination to the completion of this mission has been forged in the solid foundation of dedicated service to the United States as a member of those that are called to serve a cause. A cause that he knows is much greater than the cause of self.